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In the name of L O V E...

I kind of knew this was coming when you first cornered me into a tough spot! Yet, I didn’t have enough guts to stand firm with my beliefs. I gave in, rather easily, and now here I am, a completely frail and dejected man. I don’t really love the way you lied! It occurred to me as a chain of misleading words from the very early on, but as if the repeated lies could become true, I thought may be I was wrong, and that you were dread serious about the whole thing. Hence, my acceptance! In fact, I have fought a losing battle in that tough spot as to how I should or must go about it. I pondered over the issue over and again, and every time I did, only one thing occurred to me: I’m digging my own graveyard! Only had I been smart and decisive enough to take a ‘right’ course then, though, I wouldn’t be here right now penning down this painful and ugly truth of the fateful encounter with a girl in the name of LOVE! P.S. Before any one of you draw a conclusion that I was away from