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Health Center

This semester, Fridays have been always my best days since I have got just one 45-minute class. It starts from 11:00 am and obviously the best part is that I don't need to wake up early. I love it... ;). I would immediately, unless there exist some pressing works to be done on campus, head back to my apartment and spend my time at home. But yesterday I had to visit Health Center right after the class. I was feeling little unwell; a lill dizzy, headache, nausea, and eye pain. As I entered, a chobby lady presumably a receptionist greeted me and was asked if I were there due to sickness or for some other shots. Upon hearing that I was there due to sickness, she quickly handed me a medical history form and instructed me to fill it up. Moments later, I was taken to a room by that very receptionist (i guess she is an assistant nurse too) and had my BP and body temperature checked. She nodded signifying I didn't have any fever or high BP. I felt happy. She then escorted me to a nurse&

My dream

After a hectic day, I had resigned for the bed around 12:30 am. As usual I had the alarm re-set, and computers shut off. It has almost become a habit for me now, but I can't help it myself. I would be totally sick for lack of sleep, and I would be dying to take a nap during the day. Which would, ofcourse, just make the situation worse if I did. However, I would be seriously promising to myself come evening, I will sleep on time. Thats also another complete nonsense, because I wouldn't be able to stick to it; I will be always late. Last night wasn't better either. I tried my best to put myself down to bed, and waited patiently for the forceful sleep to overpower my tired body. My thoughts linger everywhere aimlessly. But, today when I woke up I actually realized that I didn't have to wait that long like previous nights. I had taken off to my dreamland very eagarly. I was over excited to meet my friends and hang out with them in that very pleasant day. As most boys would

My very first one.

Quite often as I wander off the cyber world I bump into many blogs with variety of things embedded into each of them; some intellectually stimulating, few with their personal daily stories, so on and so forth. And they actually come in handy when one is in great need of some thing to keep you engaged! As a matter of fact, I would read hack of a lot regardless of whose and its content relevancy. Subsequently I thought it would be pretty interesting to try out one for myself. So yes, here I am with my very first entry of my blog. I hope to keep it updated, but I know it would be difficult given the fact that I have gotten the academic schedules to be met. Having said that, I am quite committed to keep my blog as alive as possible. With that, I am off for today. Wish you all a wonderful browsing here. Thanks, Pema