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Getting to know Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).

About a dozen or so teaching members of the college came voluntarily for Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) training resourced by a senior Computer Science faculty Mr. Sangay Thinley. Although VLE has been made available to all the colleges under Royal University of Bhutan for quite a sometime  now, it remains fairly unknown to most of the faculty. One thing is because not many are trained to make use it and also due to heavy academic workload that keeps them away from using it. I have come to know about it and even used it at Samtse College of Education. But that was as a student. Now as a teacher, I have to know how to create a course, post assignments, manage attendance and many more which VLE handily provides. In an attempt to popularize it, Sir Sangay has taken personal initiative to forgo his weekends and teach those who are new and genuinely interested to use. It was a hands-on training and we were trained on using various features that VLE has, which if made to a full use can

Kanglung comes to life

To the residents of Kanglung and in particular the shopkeepers whose livelihood depends majorly on the students and staffs of this premiere institute-Sherubtse, the summer and winter vacations are their worst period of the year for the obvious reason. As the semester gears to an end, they clear their stocks and get ready to close their business. In a way, they also prepare for a forced-vacation. No sooner than the students depart for various parts of the country for vacation, the shopkeepers lock their business up and leave the town with a deserted look. This poses some inconveniences for the remaining few who chooses to spend their vacation on the campus itself.  "We can't even get the basic necessities, such as vegetables, as shops remained totally closed," says a lecturer who prefers to remain on campus. The otherwise lively Kanglung town with tens of hundreds of students and lecturers comes to an abrupt  halt by the end of the semester. With the closing of

My Birthday Prediction!

Today is a very special day for me. I’m all so thankful for this day for I was given this wonderful experience to be this world. I did not have a luxury of celebrating a cake ceremony with candlelight. I did not have a pleasure of hosting a sumptuous dinner and I did not have an honor of receiving a special call or wishes from the loved ones, either. But I did have a chance to smile real big with my 1 st grader niece. I happen to share about my birthday to my sister over a lunch along a casual conversation. It wasn’t that difficult to recollect my 25 th birthday, (1 st July2012), when I do so, though, it brings me tears and fears. The last thing anybody would want for the birthday is a sickness/illness! I was seriously ill and bedridden with sudden body pain and muscle fatigue. My parents panicked but all for their desperate effort in conducting sudden ritual, I recovered by the next day! That’s how I remembered my 25 th birthday. This year’s birthday, at least I am thank