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Happy LOSAR (New Year)!

Today, it is all about the day of festivity for the Bhutanese people like our Chinese counterparts. After all, it is our New Year! The day coincides with the first day of first month of the Bhutanese Calendar.  Normally, it is the day where family gets unified, relatives and friends get together over a lavishly prepared dishes or a cup of Ara, locally brewed alcohol and Bangchang, the fermented rice/corn juice(?). Like every one of you would have something to do on the eve of the day, I for one have a very simply thing. I send out text messages to wish all the contacts that I have saved in my cell phone. This time too, I sent out to nearly 150 people, and about 73 replied to my sms. The most enjoyable part is, of course going through all the texts one by one. Each one of them carries a certain messages to convey about the day, not to mention about their comedic nature. This year’s out going text message was as follows: “Its time to celebrate, enjoy, and above all reflect