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Being responsible…

If you are not responsible for your mistake, who is? A couple of weeks back I played the game of soccer. It was Physics vs. Mathematics group of PgDE ‘B’. Normally, we prefer playing in the morning due to extreme heat in the daytime. I would be up by 5 AM sharp without complain, all because of a great love for the game. If I were to rate myself in a scale of 10, I would give not more than 5; I am just an average player but that doesn’t deter me at all. Me at the extreme right: Team Tri-Sci (PgDE 'B' B) vs. BEd. IV Yr But that time, though, it was already 5:30 AM when I woke up. Within no time, I reached out and woke the teammates up and made our way to the playfield. But to our utter disappointment, the B.Ed students-ten of them playing Futsal-had occupied the playfield. I blamed the teammates for being late and that was what we get being late. I didn’t want to give up after waking up that early. And I didn’t want to negotiate with the B.Ed students either. Some o