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Back to Blogger's World!

Finally, I am back into Blogging after more than a month. I have been busy: firstly graduating, secondly journeying back to my country Bhutan, and thirdly trying to settle down. The month of June was the craziest of all, having to undergo a major transition! I landed on June 18th, in the Saturday afternoon on our second landing attempts due to 'unfavorable weather' at Paro. Coming home after nearly four years was a strange yet happy feeling. Now that I am back, I am presented with so many things to address and attend to. Doing so keeps me away from this blogging world, and whenever I find time, the lack of the Internet connectivity makes it impossible to come. Oh, how I miss the broadband connection that I had there, lol. Unless I find an employment as soon as possible (where I can use the services accorded by the employer), I won’t be able to update or post any new articles here that regularly, so bear with me if you care (by the way, I hope you do care, lol).