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Paying Dues...

My phone is most of the times silent. By 'Silent' I mean, idle. Apart from the occasional calls from my parents, I hardly get any phone calls and the calls that I made is at a bare minimum. Only genuine ones I guess. And for some awkward reasons, I don't entertain to strange callers-meaning the calls I get from an unknown number. So, my NOKIA C5 phone which I have in my possession for last 3 years has quite often assumed the role of a clock. There were times when I forget to take it with me, which leaves  my parents and roommate worried about my whereabouts. Basically, I don't see any need for a 'smart' phone, after all no matter what kind of phone I possess, it would ultimately be sleeping soundly in my pocket. Talking of sleeping, of late I have become so sensitive and easily distracted by the surroundings. No matter how mild a sound/noise, it destroys my night. I wasn't like that at all until very very recently. I used to sleep like a python without any