Paying Dues...

My phone is most of the times silent. By 'Silent' I mean, idle. Apart from the occasional calls from my parents, I hardly get any phone calls and the calls that I made is at a bare minimum. Only genuine ones I guess. And for some awkward reasons, I don't entertain to strange callers-meaning the calls I get from an unknown number. So, my NOKIA C5 phone which I have in my possession for last 3 years has quite often assumed the role of a clock. There were times when I forget to take it with me, which leaves  my parents and roommate worried about my whereabouts. Basically, I don't see any need for a 'smart' phone, after all no matter what kind of phone I possess, it would ultimately be sleeping soundly in my pocket.

Talking of sleeping, of late I have become so sensitive and easily distracted by the surroundings. No matter how mild a sound/noise, it destroys my night. I wasn't like that at all until very very recently. I used to sleep like a python without any worries of external disturbances. In other words, once into sleep, I was like a dead person. I am no more like that now. The possible reasons could be being in the heart of the town; I have been staying with my elder brother in a building in middle of the border town of Phuntsholing. From a bare dawn to  late night, the town will be in full live-sounds of people talking, yelling, crying, fighting, singing and cars honking and trucks trying hard to pick up. And by the way, the room is just opposite to the Mig Hall, the only cinema hall in the town, that plays loud musics to attract the movie lovers. The town doesn't go quiet until the very late night and this might have contributed to my erratic sleeps. I get totally tired fighting the loosing battle to sleep and after a long fight, I would be wide awake when the whole room is filled with snores. During some lucky nights, though, to my great relief, I get early sleep.

But my otherwise dead phone would make noise, then. Some random callers would give ire missed-calls and that is enough to wake me up for the rest of the night. I get totally tired rolling here and there on the bed trying to catch that mysterious sleep. I want nothing but a sleep and I would get just the opposite. Countless thoughts run into my mind worsening the situation even more. I have to put with headache and dizziness most of the days due to insomnia. As if like paying dues, I would try to sleep during day time in hope of getting back to my normal routine. However, the same problem continues would night after night.

After all I knew sleep isn't a due to be paid or compensated, its just something different and I have yet to fix this. I hope to fix this by requesting callers to refrain calling or miss-calling me at night or else I would go ahead switching off the phone, at least at night. :)


  1. What about writing for the whole night ? I think insomnia should be with you for some more days so that readers like me will get to read more posts on your blog :-) .Jokes apart read a book or listen to music, it helps you to get a sound sleep.

    1. In fact, I have tried on a few occasions to do just like you suggested, but my head wouldn't support me, it would become heavy and my eyes tired. Ahaha. Thanks for your time and suggestions, I will try the latter suggestions. Happy day ahead. :)


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