A Spring of Hope

Back again! Yeah, to this blog. After repeated failed attempts to revive blogging, I am once again giving it a try. Perhaps, the one last time! I have always wanted to write, write and write something, because of which I have created this blog in the first place. But you know this writer's block? That's right, I am plagued by this block. Quite often I tend to have "brilliant" ideas running in my head and bubbling inside, but moment I reach out for pen and paper, I would be stuck with one sentence, not able to make an inch forward! At times, I write whole lot only to be discarded in the last minute. This time though, I have come back with a determination to continue writing something, at least something to keep my blog alive even if it's not worth reading! The idea is that eventually I might be able to come up with a worthwhile read, may be it would take a very long time, but I have made a start. That I believe is important.

Lets keep the fingers crossed! 

Meanwhile, the weather at Kanglung has become quite pleasant these days, though still chilly, its improving day by day. Flowers have sprung and the buds sprouted. The lush green scenery greets you wherever you go. Hope this spring brings in good health, success and great fulfillment.



  1. Dear Pema,
    Wel come back. As usual i just checked in expecting to see the the same old posts. But to my surprise i get to read an update. Felt so good to read your lines after so long. :) Hope you keep posting.
    Your ardent follower

  2. Thank you so much la madam! Your comments and encouragements are what brought me back, and I'll try to live up to your expectations. :)

    Have a wonderful day head.


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