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The real killer!

I have been dealing with it for years now. I have come to realize that I am knowingly making my life harder myself by not complying with what I honestly know should be done. The so called procastination is such a killer that leaves you totally paralized if appropriate measures are not taken on time. The fact that I am always struggling at the end of the semester or at the end of the due dates is becuase I don't really get serious about the things that I am supposed to be doing. Having to deal with all those hurdles, quite often, I would with genuine concern promise to myself that I won't repeat the same old shit and that I would start on time, thereby saving my from another eleventh hour haste. But here again, I am pushing behind all those works which If I'd taken due interest, and started on time, I would not be here today scribbling nonsense. A friend of mine, a Japanese, says that he does whatever is asigned right away and spend rest of the time judiciously. How smart

Summer Class Update: A decision made

As much as I cared about getting into the Elementary Spanish class, I was equally worried about the heavier workload that would have come with it. After all I was talking about taking three classes in summer semester which has merely eight weeks. I knew trying out such thing was a complete suicidal, but again I didn't want to make my life harder for the remaining semesters. Out of frustration as well as in quest of finding wise solution, I have been gathering opinions from my friends who gave many varied thoughts and options. I took note of all. However, I knew no matter whatever they say, the ultimate decision lies on my hand. Accordingly I decided to not register for Spanish purely based on the fact that I would not be able to master the materials within 8 weeks time. Because it is a totally new course to me, and everything I'll have to start from scratch on top of already enough challenging courses that I have registered for. I was concerned, and mindful of that. Moreover,

Summer Class Dilemma

I wish our university had a provision to notify those students who had registered for the course which later gets cancelled due to whatever reason it may be. By doing so would help us choose other courses, meet student advisors, and register before its too late. Thats what happened: After getting approval from my academic advisor, who normally is busy, with much hurdle, I had registered for three courses: Business Statistics, Civilization II, and Modern Physics all for this summer 2010. Three courses in summer? Yeah, thats right, I was going to try how it works. However, lately when I checked the detailed schedule for this summer and printed them out, I was surprised to see only two courses. I rechecked it to make sure if I had printed in fully. Yes I had. Suspicious of something usual about the whole situation, I made a final attempt to check my registration status for the summer through PAWS (sorry I don't know what does it stand for, but its a online service). There I found it

Shocking Week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Although I'm having a break, this week has never favored me in any slightest way. In fact, it failed me completely and brought me tremendous shocks!!! First, it was an accident in which my roommate and friends got seriously injured; thereby having to undergo critical medication... still now. I even don't know how long they will have to continue. It was a shocking news and bad fortune obviously. But the second one that I heard just moments ago from my brother is even more shocking-its heartbreaking!!!! How can they do it? Why would anyone take their own life? Why, seriously why? I'm totally heartbroken to hear that my uncle who was a school teacher at our community school hung himself to death! What more worse can it become? How more shocking can it be? I am truly truly hopeless and helpless to hear he did that leaving behind his loved ones; more importantly he had three lovely kids who are growing up day by day and wanting the parents' guidance more and more. Why did h

A Guitar Lesson

I have very recently bought a brand new computer-mac book pro. Its a 13-inch and it costed me $1200 including tax after availing the student discount. Although I had that plan of buying new computer for quite sometime, I didn't want to buy any time soon. But situation necessitated me to go ahead and buy it no matter what. Thats because in Spring semester I was taking a programming course (C++) for which I needed the visual studio 2008 to start with. My old Toshiba computer which I bought in 2007 for mere $400 has grown quite old and wasn't supporting the software that I wanted to run. Basically for first few weeks of the semester, I had to go to the college library to do the assignments which was very inconvenient since I am living off campus. Riding bike alone at night is not a very good idea specially here. I am at least glad I got some reasons to blame about. LOL. I was doing terrible in that class and I was the dumbest guy in the class. I felt really ashamed although there

Away on a break.

I know I have made a big commitment to keep this blog updated. I am mindful of that, but after four stressful months of studying, I had planned for a trip with my friends. We went to Tampa, a 3-hour drive from Melbourne, mainly for visiting Busch Garden which costs $75 just for entry! We stayed there for a night in the hotel located next the St. Peterburgs International Airport. You know what I mean, just next to the airport, meaning thunderous noises from incoming and departing aircrafts. So it was no wonder why the hotel was quite cheap, comparatively. I am yet to confirm, but I do remember my roommate declaring that it was $40 per night. Well anyway, we had a good time there and despite all those odd locations, I had had a undisturbed sleep; thanks to the tiring walk along the clear water beach and an hour long swimming. Let me be honest here though, I don't know how to swim, but that didn't deter me getting into the salty water (ocean) flogged by spectacular bikini ladies..