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Of Being Judgmental

“Hey man, check it out, can you see that chubby woman, why so ugly?” “Oh come on, he is very uncool, she deserves better!” Sounds familiar? Those are some of the common jokes that are conversed with the friends making fun of others. Some defines it as eve-teasing while some says being judgmental of other people. Whatever the case may be, we people while in group normally do make such comments about others without even attempting to put ourselves in their shoes. I’m pretty sure everybody, for that matter, would definitely agree that eve-teasing or judging other persons or worse making fun of other’s nature-given-features is something which nobody would want to be a subject of. It could become unstoppably ugly, not to mention about hurting their sentiments. Well, as far as possible I refrain from preaching others what else to be done or not, unless other parties genuinely ask for one and if I am credible enough to do so. With that regard, when I first sparked off to write this article,