The New Beginning!

Today is the new beginning for me in many ways.

Today is the first day after the New Year-LOSAR-2013. The female snake year in our Bhutanese term. This marks the beginning of the new year in our Bhutanese tradition, even though it has been almost one and half months since the commencement of the actual New Year 2013.

I have just returned from Deothang after a simple gathering with my parents down there over a lavish lunch and drinks. Despite the college being opened for its academic year 2012 (Spring Semester) on 8th of February, for the obvious reasons, the actual teaching couldn't be started then. In fact, not even today!

With a feel of heavy yoke already in my neck, having given to teach two complete modules Discrete Structures (for VI Semester MP) and Calculus I (for B.Sc. Comp. Sci. A & B), I took today as a very special day. The day that can make a biggest of difference-creating a right impression in other words. 

The very class for the day was at 8:30 AM with final year final semester students with Discrete Structure. Out of total 16 students en-marked to be in this class, only 8 turned up. That 50% attendance in the class sparked a dilemma whether to go-head with the regular teaching or not. But I did not resort to a unilateral decision; instead acted as democratic as possible in seeking their views and majority vote per se.  As expected, they voiced unanimously to call off the class citing they '...want to bask Sun'! 

I did as per their wish and here I am right now in my office penning down my very first post for the year after long long time. This is yet another beginning in the world of blogging. 

Now one more class with 65 (sixty five) students of 2nd semester Computer Science students awaits at 2 PM. I have got to instill in them the true essence of Mathematics, particularly the beauty of Calculus. 

For all these new beginnings, I seek blessings of the Ken-Chog-Sum, my root Gurus, and parents. And of course, my senior faculties, and ever budding students. 


  1. Happy to see you blogging again. Keep writing.

    (sincere follower of your blog) :-)

  2. Thank you Dawa! You guys(sincere followers) are the crucial part for my blogging stamina. Keep it coming la.

    Have a nice day!



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