What should I expect?

I've just taken the path which not many people like to take it. Even if they do take, it is definitely their last and final option! The unwanted one, in short.

Yes, I am talking about the teaching job. What else can it be, right? Most boring job, perhaps? Well, it differs and it depends on how you the takers take it as. But sadly, so far I haven't seen much takers of it (teaching job) as a 'noble job', as it is being routinely referred to.

Throughout the course of my journey to this stage, I have hardly met anyone who actually 'encourages' to join this profession or at least have something good to say about it other than the ones already in it either by virtue or by fate. Worse enough, some even go to the extent of saying too many bad things, and put off the flames of patience that some possess.

...to be cont'd...


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