National Graduate Orientation Program 2011 (NGOP) in Session

Yesterday corresponding to the 10th August 2011, some 1700 national graduates flocked into the Nazhoen Pelri auditorium, Thimphu. The briefing session that was scheduled to start at 9 AM couldn’t do so until much later as some of the graduates didn’t report on time and those who were on time didn’t take the seat properly. The committee members’ nightmare in maintaining the crowd was just too obvious.

With much hurdle, the graduates were accommodated into the packed hall and the session finally kicked off. The newly appointed secretary to the Ministry of Labor and Human Resources Dasho Pema Wangda gave an opening statement in Dzongkha, followed in English. “That’s the formality,” said he switching his speech to English. While we talk about diminishing usage of the national Dzongkha, and see the helpless state of Dzongkha Development Commission, I couldn’t help wondering how we couldn’t even conduct the ‘National’ session in our ‘national language’!

He clearly detailed down the main objectives of the NGOP session, while reminding each one of us to ‘derive the highest benefits’ from this program. He said that the online forums have seen disfavor in conducting such program, and that ‘given a choice, we would gladly stop’, but it has been felt by the highest authority that such a program be continued! Hence, yet again the NGOP 2011 themed “Meeting to Lead: Connecting our young Leaders”. be cont'd


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