But WHY? Why and why?

I've been scanned, literally, through to a lot of 'whys' and still I've yet to be over with 'why'. Almost everybody that I bump into there I get that anticipated ‘why’ flying rather instantly. My friends normally dub me mostly affectionately than matter-of-factly as a positive person, but I am quite doubtful as to how long I can stay positive if these ‘whys’ keep flowing! I don't blame anybody else for that matter since throwing those sorts of question keep me checked! But some times it gets tiring to hear over and over again to the extent that it begins to even sound offensive! Nevertheless, as the time passes by I bounce back to normal. Good thing about all these is that it gave me and continues to give me opportunity to reflect upon my course of actions hence leading to a newer and more importantly better perspective.

It was in year 2007 that I got an opportunity to study mathematics in the United States under the auspices of Fulbright scholarship. Why mathematics? You'll be a teacher upon returning know that? I didn’t meet a single person appreciating my choice of subject! All right, whatever, I followed my intuition and four years later I came back with the degree. Soon after, I applied, sat for the interview and was luckily selected, barely, for an assistant lecturer post at Sherubtse College. Why Sherubtse? It's very remote, why not CST or Gedu? Yeah, all right, whatever! A few months already into the job and I was kind of getting the hang of it! Why aren't you married yet? Why don’t you have a girl friend? Car? Blah blah, yeah, all right whatever! A semester later, I was sent off to Samtse to undergo PGDE for a year. I feel extremely lucky to have got chance to learn new things about education and pedagogies. And there comes another cohort of whys- why are you doing this, wasting time and money? You don't need this in university teaching. Nine months passed by with lots of fun, at least got a year to experience Bhutanese college life! Back to the college, now with full load-two modules for a beginner! Ah ha? Then another set pops up: why are you not going for masters? Why wait for third countries? Waste of time by waiting! Blah, yeah you are damn right! A year later, I got called for the interview and subsequently nominated for the Australian Awards intake 2015! Why don't you take dependents? Why not take your girl friend? Why not marry now? As if marrying is as easy as they think! Why don't you make fake MC and take someone with you? Why to Sydney? Go to Perth! Aha? Why to UNSW? It's a tough university! Why mathematics again? Take Statistics! 

Thank lord, I survived all those years and even become resistant to all sorts of questions. But one thing I couldn't do was giving an answer to any of the questions. Hope one day I can be able to do to all.


  1. The more awesome your life is, the more rewards you’ll get. live more awesome. All those But WHY? Why and why? will be answered one day ,just keep going :)


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